Research Says Having Fresh Flowers In Your Home Can Reduce Levels Of Pain

Flowers are incredibly versatile. They make a wonderful gift and can complement any style of home décor. But there is another reason that adds more to the importance of flowers which you might not be aware of. According to research, fresh flowers can help reduce pain levels. 

One study by the American Society for Horticulture revealed that plants could have a beneficial effect on patients. These results were based on the data collected from 90 participants. Some had fresh flowers in their rooms, while others did not.

Interestingly, those who did have fresh flowers experienced lower heart rates and blood pressure, reduced fatigue, anxiety and pain, and enjoyed more positive feelings and felt happier about their surroundings. The study concluded that fresh flowers are significant as a form of complementary therapy to accompany other traditional medical treatment . 

More positive findings of complementary therapies were also reported. Another study gave college-going women a vase of fresh roses to keep in their dorms. The results showed more relaxed feelings and satisfaction from the women after receiving the bouquets.

The American Journal of Evolutionary Psychology also discovered that women who received flowers felt happier and more positive for several days. The older adults in the study also showed better episodic memory. 

In Tokyo, Japan, 30 males were exposed to a vase of roses for a few minutes. This study showed they had more relaxed muscles, a reduced heart rate, and a heightened sensation of relaxation after being around the flowers. Finally, a study by Harvard University discovered that looking at flowers after waking up improved the moods of people who lacked energy and motivation. 

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Why Flowers Make Us Happy?

So, how can flowers make us happier and more relaxed and even reduce our pain perception? Whether you order flowers online or walk into the Plaisir flower shop, the flowers will not only look pretty but can also trigger the feel-good chemicals of brain that will improve your mood and lift spirits.

Moreover, flowers are considered a symbol of positivity in all cultures. We naturally feel good when we see, touch, and smell them. So, if you want to cheer somebody up and put a smile on their face, order flowers online from Plaisir and rest assured they will feel better. 

Which Flowers to Choose for Pain Relief and Relaxation?

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Bella Arrangement

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Our stunning unicorn anthurium is a bold choice. These gorgeous flowers are so pretty that you will not stop admiring them. Each flower is as unique as the other and blends iridescent hues of  blue, pink, and white. This is an unusual choice and perfect for someone who would enjoy something different.

Chamomile and Lavender Vase Arrangement

If you prefer something more rustic, you cannot go wrong with our chamomile and lavender vase arrangement. This playful arrangement embraces the beauty of wildflowers in an organic way. The calming scents of chamomile and lavender help promote calm feelings and evoke a sense of relaxation.

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