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31 Red Rose Bouquet

AED 695.00

Graduation Flowers

Are you looking for special graduation flowers? Make your day memorable with the best graduation flowers as per your needs at an affordable price. We offer same-day timely graduation flower and gift delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all of UAE.

There is no prouder moment than your loved one’s graduation day! Let us be a part of a loved one’s Graduation day by creating a special Corsage and Boutonniere or a special Graduation flower bouquet presentation. We will consult with you on the color of dress for Graduation and the day’s theme to ensure you have the perfect graduation flower corsage and boutonniere for your special Graduate on Graduation day.

Corsages and Boutonnieres Giftsets 

Corsages are for ladies and boutonnieres are for gentlemen. These are typically worn to formal events such as Graduation, as well as weddings and prom. A corsage for Graduation, Wedding, or Prom is made of up to two (rarely more) focal flowers complimented by greenery and/or filler flowers. A boutonniere for Graduation, Wedding, or Prom should not be too large as to overtake the gentleman’s lapel, however, boutonnieres should complement the colors and the theme of the evening just like the corsage does.

Corsages for Graduation, Wedding, or Prom, come in two forms: they are placed either on the lady’s wrist or fastened on her lapel. It is customary to place the corsage on the left side of your date’s dress or on her left wrist. However, with time, the placement of corsages and boutonnieres has changed – now, it is common to respect the person’s preference depending on whether they are left-handed or right-handed.

Traditionally the gentleman buys the corsage you should find graduation flowers & Prom for the lady and the lady brings the boutonniere for her date on Graduation & Prom. As mentioned earlier, it is always recommended to choose the corsage and the boutonniere depending on the color of the lady’s dress so the flower and ribbon colors don’t clash with the dress. So it is best you find out these small details before ordering your corsage or boutonniere.

Graduation Gift Delivery

Corsages and boutonnieres are best ordered ahead of time and delivered or collected the day before your Graduation Prom event or your Wedding. Corsages and boutonnieres can easily be stored in the fridge overnight without any problems. This will keep them fresh and a little spray of water on the day of the Graduation, Prom, or Wedding and helps keep them super fresh for the duration of your event.

More to that, we offer same-day timely graduation flower delivery in Dubai. Best know for our exclusive services as the best flower shop in Dubai, our team of experts focuses on giving you a service customized to your needs by guiding you to the best graduation flowers as per your needs at an affordable price.