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Ramadan gift ideas

Explore a full range of Ramadan gift ideas and gift sets. Celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan with amazing gift box ideas and gift sets to make every moment spent with your family memorable. The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for reflection and celebration; it’s also a wonderful time to express your love and gratitude to the ones closest to you.

Ramadan is such a special month in the Islamic year, special for family gatherings and family reunions mostly at the time of breaking the fast, special for connecting with friends and loved ones, and a month where people reflect, reengage and reconnect with the society they live in. It is also a month to show you care by giving out Ramadan gift sets to the people you care about. 

Ramadan gift box ideas

Ramadan gift giving makes you feel special given how special these gifts make people around feel. And there is plenty of Ramadan gift box ideas to choose from; From Ramadan Fanous which signifies Ramadan and is loved by everyone not only kids to Deluxe Ramadan Basket, Fruit Box to the date cake by the Icon to satisfy your loved one’s sweet tooth, a Kaaba replica to wish the recipient a spiritual Umrah Ramadan gift set to turquoise prayer set for him by Fofinha and more. The list of Ramadan gift ideas to give to your loved one in the Holy month of Ramadan is just endless.

Ramadan gift sets

The whole month of Ramadan focuses more on giving back to the community and cherishing family, friends, and loved ones. This can include giving a thoughtful gift to your Iftar or Suhoor host – thanking them for their hospitality. Equally, treat your loved ones to a small gift to show them how much you care.


At Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleur, we have taken the stress out of finding the perfect Ramadan gift set ideas. We have a range of items from smaller tokens of your thanks, to larger more lavish gifts. From delectable Coco Boxes and Limited-Edition Ramadan Kareem Flower Arrangements to aromatic Candles and fragrant Perfumes, we guarantee to have something to inspire you this Holy Month.