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51 Red Rose Bouquet

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Ananas Bouquet

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Love flowers and I Love You flowers…What’s more beautiful than expressing your love with the beauty of flowers. At Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs we pride ourselves to be love ambassadors! We play cupid and one of the main reasons we are in the business we are in is to spread the love. Sending love flowers or I Love You flowers are the happiest of flowers to receive. So when we have clients who want to send love flowers or as we call them I Love You flowers, we secretly get very excited!

When you wish to express your love with a gesture, nothing says it better than Love flowers and I Love You flowers. Traditionally red roses have always been a symbol of burning love. But today’s trend for love, although still remains highly devoted to red roses, it has been extended to the colour pink and purple as well – usually mixed with some red.

Whether you select a luscious love bouquet as love flowers or an elegant velvet box as an I love you flower arrangement in one of our exclusive velvet boxes, our team of love experts will ensure to arrange something very special for you. Some of the love flowers, love bouquets or I love you flowers traditionally connected to expressing love are Roses, Lilies, Peonies, Carnations, and Orchids. Of course, these flowers are traditionally and globally symbols of love, but you can use any love flowers you like to express love.

Colours are another consideration when you send love flowers or I Love You flowers. Red of course as mentioned above is a true symbol of burning and eternal love in I Love You flower bouquets. Orange and Coral say passion and desire in the language of love flowers. Lavender, Lilac and Violet hues express love at first sight, Red and White mixed together in love flower language means ‘united’. Red and Pink mixed together mean love, kindness, and tenderness as I Love You flower bouquets and arrangements.

If you really want to distance yourself from red roses which are the quintessential love flowers and I Love You flower symbols (as some people simply don’t enjoy the intensity of red), you can still show love by simply opting for a different variety. Choosing Lilies, Tulips or Peonies as Love flowers might be a perfect fit and will convey love with the same spirit.