5 Pink Flowers That Make The Perfect Breast Cancer Awareness Month Gifts

Many of us are aware about the colour pink being an international symbol for breast cancer awareness. Every October, people all around the world sport the colour to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Its purpose: to raise awareness about the disease and to show support to survivors.  

Pink is a colour commonly associated with femininity, a fitting tribute as the illness is known to largely effect women. To promote this great cause, we encourage our customers to think pink when selecting flowers during the month of October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is held annually throughout the month of October. It aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and encourage women to get screened for the disease. During this time, many organizations come together to host events for breast cancer survivors and offer free screenings for women who don’t have access to health insurance.

Flowers For Breast Cancer Awareness

Flowers are a great way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for women affected by this disease. It’s also a good opportunity to remind loved ones the importance of getting screened. At Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs, we want to help raise awareness by offing a wide range of beautiful pink blooms that you can send to your loved ones. We have listed some of our favourites below.

Pink Crush

Our Pink Crush floral arrangement is a clear choice for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pink rose has long been known to symbolize love and devotion, and this arrangement is full of various pink-toned roses and complimentary blooms in simular shades. Pink roses are one of the most popular flowers to gift for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They symbolize hope, joy, and optimism. Pink roses also represent courage and strength as they help women deal with the effects of cancer treatment – both physically and emotionally.

Pink Velvet Heart

A gorgeous pink heart-shaped velvet flower box full of pink roses and beautiful orchid blooms is another perfect gift to send for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There is nothing more heart-felt then receiving a box of pink roses in the shape of a heart. It will make your receiver feel loved and adored.

Pink Cone

A cute and playful bouquet that features pink roses and other white seasonal blooms. The pink and white cone arrangement is uniquely Plaisir, and is guaranteed to impress. Decorated with gorgeous silk ribbons, it makes the perfect gift.

Pink Cylinder Florals

Our velvet pink cylinder floral box is a gorgeous combination of pink roses, peonies, and other seasonal flowers in different shades of pink. It is made up of a stunning combination of pastel hues that add a softness that will be warmly received. These gorgeous pink flowers are eye-catching and sure to please the recipient.

Trio Gift Box

The Trio Gift Box with pink infinity roses is a gift your recipient can treasure far longer than traditional roses. This pink arrangement features six infinity roses that last for more than one year, a candle, and a pink velvet box filled with delicious Patchi chocolates. This giftset takes the guesswork out of gifting and is something your receiver can appreciate for a long time.

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