How Long Do You Think The Flowers Can Last?

Our Infinity flowers, also known as Forever Flowers, Longlife Flowers, or Everlasting Flowers, combine science, sustainability, or in simple words real flowers which can last for two years. 

But, what are infinity flowers and which one should you buy for your loved one? 

What Are Infinity Flowers?

On the surface, Infinity flowers are genuine fresh flowers that have been preserved using scientific technology. Each flower is harvested fresh and is put through a preservation procedure to guarantee that each flower retains its natural texture and beauty, ensuring that they always remain fresh.

We develop flowers that preserve all of their amazing properties, allowing you to enjoy them for years rather than days. They don’t need to be watered, just kept out of direct sunlight to maintain their vibrant color. 

With careful care and maintenance, our roses may endure up to two years, making them the ideal present for your loved ones.

Understanding The Purpose of Infinity Flowers 

Flowers have frequently symbolised love, passion, and compassion for many cultures and individuals throughout history. Each colour and variety of flowers, on the other hand, has a distinct meaning and may be utilised to convey a different message to anybody. 

Our magnificent infinity flower creations are actually preserved flowers that may survive up to 2 years. You may surprise a loved one for years, not days, by buying one of our stunning preserved flower arrangements. 

Moreover, these flowers are the epitome of luxury and elegance, ensuring you leave a lasting smile on the face of the person you gift. 

Caring For Your Infinity Flowers

As infinity flowers are real flowers, they need to be handled with care for long-lasting preservation. Follow the steps below to ensure your infinity flowers are able to brighten up the room every day! 

1) Avoid direct light exposure, particularly sunlight. 

2) Keep the roses in a temperature-controlled area. 

3) Using a soft brush, brush the roses every now and again to eliminate dust that has accumulated over time. 

4) The flowers should not come into touch with any liquid, steam, or other material. 

5) Avoid touching the preserved petals regularly since the oils from your fingertips might wear them down. 

6) Avoid tilting and spinning your box. 

7) Keep away from powerful air conditioning fans or air vents. 

8) Keep the roses in their box since they are safe and comfortable there. 

Best Infinity Flowers By Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs 

Now that you know what infinity flowers represent and how to care for them, we present to you our best infinity flowers that make the perfect gift for every occasion. 

Evil Eye Rose Box

Our Evil Eye Rose Box is truly one of a kind as it brings good luck and fortune to those you give it to. Moreover, it’s unique design is extremely eye-catching and is sure to stand out and be the center of attention no matter where it’s placed. 

You will receive 25 infinity roses with our evil-eye rose box, and as they can last for years, the receiver can enjoy them for a long time to come and remember you every day they look at it. The box size is 20×20 cm, which is the perfect size for placing it on display anywhere in the house. 

Grey Petite Infinity Burgundy Peonies

Plaisir Infinity Longlife Peonies are the epitome of beauty and longevity combined! The empty box is 9x9cmand can hold up to 16 Infinity longlife Peonies. This is a present that keeps on giving and will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness every day.

Infinity Bouquet – Pink Wrap

Our Infinity longlife bouquet comes in a range of colours. Multiple cotton flowers, lavender, and three infinity roses combine to form this stunning arrangement, a long-lasting present that will remind the recipient of you for years to come. The size of the bouquet is 25 cm H x 20 cm.

VVIP Acrylic Infinity Red

Our VVIP Acrylic box with 4 dozen (48) Infinity stem red roses nestled on a well-constructed bed of rocks is the pinnacle of luxury! This one-of-a-kind and magnificent package also includes an extra 2kg of delectable Patchi chocolates in the centre to give sweetness to your day. This gorgeous gift is bound to wow! (Box dimensions: 4040 cm) 

Give someone special these stunning infinity flowers and create memories for a couple of years!

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your preferred infinity flower and send it as a gift to your loved one. After all, a premium gift of flowers doesn’t get better than this! 

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